Scenic Designer

New York

The Position

Avalanche Studios is looking for a Scenic Designer to join our team in creating the next great AAA open world action game.  As a Scenic Designer, you’ll be responsible for creating beautiful, well realized, coherent, interesting spaces for the player to explore.  We’re looking for someone with a keen visual eye for spatial layouts and an appreciation for environmental storytelling.

We’re currently looking at Designers of all experience levels—junior, mid, and senior.  If you’re junior and you’ve got the drive and talent, we’ll train you to be one of the best.  If you’re senior, we’ll scale your responsibilities to match.

But regardless of experience level, the role will primarily be focused on the game itself.  On getting your hands dirty and actually building great experiences with a wide range of editors and tools.  In practice, this entails tasks like:

  • Working with the Lead Designer, the Lead Content Designer, and your fellow Scenic Designers to understand constraints of a space and how it needs to fit in with the rest of the world. “Spaces” can include anything from towns to parks to military bases and anything in between.
  • Then either constructing the vision for the space and laying it out in the world or refining the vision for a space then updating an existing space to better match that vision. This includes creating or updating the footprint, laying out roads, placing buildings and major landmarks, to even adding civilians.  Everything just short of doing the final propping pass.
  • All of this will be done while closely working with…
    • …the Lead Content Designer, the “World” Product Owner, and various Directors to make sure the vision is appropriate for the space
    • Level Designers to ensure their content works well in the space
    • Artists to help them understand the space and to make sure they can turn it into something beautiful.
    • …the Narrative team to make sure the space is coherent with the fiction of the world and specific location it occupies.
  • Working with everyone in the studio—from Directors to Interns and Artists to Programmers--to deliver a full, polished, and complete gameplay experience.
  • And finally, making the right adjustments based on feedback and thoroughly debugging your work until it’s ready to make its way into the hands of millions of players.


To apply for this position please register below with a detailed resume and cover letter.  Please make sure to include in your cover letter why you are interested in this specific position.

Apply as soon as possible as we review applications continuously. All further information is provided under non-disclosure agreement only. All applicants are required to relocate to work full-time in New York City.

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