Game Designer


Avalanche Studios is looking to add one professional to our Game Design Craft. Is it you we are looking for?


  • Always curious about how things work. "Can it really be true that Sumo Wrestling is rigged?"
  • Always questioning hearsay, motives and incentives. "Why would the Sumo wrestlers cheat?"
  • Intelligent and well read. "Sumo is sacrosanct and deeply engraved in Japanese culture, if they cheat that would be remarkable given their honor culture."
  • Slightly eccentric. "I’m going to add an example about Sumo wrestlers. That will be brilliant!"

Yet you are ALSO;

  • Humble. "I could be wrong, please show me what you mean."
  • Social and caring.  
  • Committed and loyal.
  • Resilient in the face of adversity. "We'll ride this storm out - it's going to be ok."
  • Fiercely result driven. "This solution requires manually adding 100 data entries, but it is the right way to do it. I'm doing it now..."
  • A realist. "This workflow must be improved or no one in their right mind will bother to build this content."
  • Aware of the bottom line.  “The system may be the most elegant thing ever designed, but the content we have built does little to enhance what the player perceives.”


  • Just the right amount of lazy. "There must be a better way to set this workflow up so that I don't have to do this **** every time".
  • Skeptical of quick hacks. "It might be tempting but we will get results quicker with efficient workflows and content that "Just works.""
  • Service Minded. "Don't worry, I'll expose that value for you so you can easily tweak it."


You will work closely with programmers and level designers acting as a bridge between the two competences. You will  make sure that features are realized from idea to robust prefabs ready for mass propagation. You will continuously seek to improve workflows and prefabs and when you are not busy with that, you might be tinkering with the in game economy or perhaps optimizing the spawn parameters.

You will learn and gradually adopt as many of these responsibilities as possible:

  • Procedural Content Systems
  • Gameplay Templates
  • Spawn System Tweaking and Balancing
  • Loot System and Content Pipeline
  • In-Game Economy
  • Scripting Support
  • Investigate and solve content bugs
  • Break down needs into appropriate content and code tasks


  • Able and willing to work in our Stockholm studio
  • Expert knowledge in one or several game editors and/or scripting languages


  • Worked on shipped games, preferably AAA Open World Games
  • Worked on mods or indie games
  • Experience with procedural systems
  • Technical experience outside the gaming industry
  • University Degree
  • Avid gamer
  • Developed tools
  • Support Technician
  • QA Engineer


Marcus Andrews

Senior Game Designer

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