3D Artist - the Hunter


Avalanche Studios and Expansive Worlds are currently looking for a 3D Artist to work with us on our self-published title "theHunter". At Avalanche Studios you will work with some of the industry’s most exciting open-world technology and talented individuals from varied backgrounds. 

The Position

As a 3D Artist your primary responsibilities will be to create 3D models and textures for items/props/environments. You will work closely with the team, Art Director and Producer, you have an excellent artistic ability and you are driven to find the right visual feeling and quality in your work. You are also goal-oriented and like having the responsibility for a timely delivery as well as the quality.

Required qualifications

  • 1+ years of game industry experience 
  • Excellent skills in Maya
  • Excellent skills in Photoshop
  • Excellent eye for form, shape, structure and color in regards to modeling, texturing, spatial composition and visual storytelling.
  • Strong artistic and conceptual ability to visualize and maintain the design and art vision of an area in detail with minimal concept art and direction. 
  • A strong sense of asset ownership though the art pipeline, taking full responsibility for assets from initial creation to implementation in the final product.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team
  • Passion for playing and making games

Desired qualifications

  • High skills in Zbrush

A Portfolio is required demonstrating all aspects of your skills. Add a link to your online portfolio in your CV. To apply for this position please register below with a detailed CV and cover letter. Apply as soon as possible as we review applications continuously. All further information is provided under non-disclosure agreement only. All applicants are required to relocate to work full-time in Stockholm, Sweden.

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