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Fan Made Trailer for Mad Max

Some fans recently decided to recreate our teaser trailer for Mad Max using live action footage. Scene by scene, they deconstructed our reveal trailer and acted them out. We are really impressed by their results!

Avalanche Studios is Going Mobile

It's official! We're working on a mobile game alongside our AAA projects. Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Christofer Sundberg has been talking to the press, discussing Avalanche's plans for mobile platforms. Check out this Polygon news piece...

Duck Hunt!

Our friends at Expansive Worlds (an Avalanche Studios subsidiary) just released one of the biggest gameplay updates to theHunter since its release. Meet the Mallards! The Mallard Duck behaves a little differently than other animals – for one, it c...

Avalanche Studios in the Jungle

Nature is at the heart of Avalanche Studios' games, whether it's the tropical islands of Just Cause or the wasteland in Mad Max. To successfully recreate vegetation, water and skies in our huge open world games, our developers look closely at the ...

IGN Interview on Mad Max

Curious about the inspiration for Mad Max, the creative challenges of building a huge, open world wasteland and lessons learned from Just Cause? Check out this IGN interview with Senior Game Designer Emil Kraftling!

World Premiere: Gameplay Reveal Trailer for Mad Max™

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios today unveiled the first gameplay trailer from the upcoming Mad Max game. The trailer, which is called ‘Soul of a Man’, shows Max exploring the Wasteland, engaging in vehicular combat an...

JC 2 Multiplayer is Mod of the Year!

Congratulations Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Team! In a competition arranged by Mod DB, the JC2 MP mod won both the Editor’s Choice and the People’s Choice, making it a clear overall winner. The competition went on for 22 days and totaled more than 14...

Avalanche Studios Celebrates One Year in New York

Avalanche Studios (, original creators and developers of the award-winning Just Cause franchise and the critically acclaimed Renegade Ops, is celebrating the one year anniversary of its New York studio. The 2011 announce...

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