Mission Designer

The Position
Avalanche Studios is looking for a Mission designer with a flair for the technical to join our team in Malmö, South Sweden. We are looking for a designer who is either experienced or a senior.

As a Mission designer, you will be responsible with owning and crafting the locations and scenarios that provide players with the unforgettable experiences they will have in our game world. In practice, this means:
  • Designing, writing and implementing engaging missions through the use and creation of systemic gameplay elements, AI and scripting 
  • Blocking out the various locations your missions take place in and working with the World Designer to ensure they fit within the context of the game world
  • Reporting to the lead designer, to ensure your mission designs are in line with the overall concept and game vision and showcases the games mechanics
  • Communicating with the other members of the design team and disciplines to ensure you are both fully utilising the various systems available to you and ensuring you have the assets and support to achieve your vision

Desirable traits
We’re looking for a designer who:
  • Is passionate about the art and theory of level design
  • Has strong knowledge of game design fundamentals
  • Has strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Is cooperative and enthusiastic towards the work of other related disciplines 
  • Has a passion for playing open world action games

Relevant Experience
  • Experience as a mission / level designer on a AAA title
  • Experience as a technical designer
  • Experience building open world games
  • Cooperative multiplayer mission design experience
  • Experience in other design fields (game design, AI design etc)
  • Scripting experience / knowledge (Python, LUA or equal)

To apply for this position please register below with a detailed resume and cover letter. Apply as soon as possible as we review applications continuously. All further information is provided under non-disclosure agreement only. All applicants are required to relocate to work full-time in Malmö, Sweden.
Our Values
At Avalanche Studios, we believe in worlds without limits, and we are committed to develop a diverse and inclusive workplace. We strive to hire great talent from a variety of backgrounds. Being part of our world is not contingent on where you’re from, your gender, or sexual orientation. It’s all about your passion, courage and craftsmanship.
Malmö Studio
Our studio in Malmö, Sweden is the company’s third location since it was founded in Stockholm in 2003, and expanded to New York City in 2011.The Malmö studio will focus on development of current and future Avalanche Studios IPs, relatively small and flexible projects which rest on a solid foundation of AAA production values and award-winning proprietary technology. Malmö was chosen because of its unique location, rich culture and - above all - thriving game development community. With our creative independence, a decade and a half of experience and strong portfolio of games, Avalanche Studios will fill a unique position in the city.

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