Mission Designer

Avalanche Studios is famous for games such as the award-winning Just Cause series and Mad Max, but has also released the free-to-play theHunter 2009 (Developed by the subsidiary Expansive World) with nearly 8 million registered players in over 190 countries. TheHunter franchise grew further with the premium title: Call of the Wild, released for PC and Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.

At the moment, Avalanche Studios is developing Rage 2 on behalf of publisher Bethesda with scheduled release in 2019. In 2018, Avalanche Studios has also released Just Cause 4 together with Square Enix and will release the self-funded game Generation Zero early 2019.

Avalanche Studios, that is based in Stockholm, New York and now Malmö, was founded in 2003 by Christofer Sundberg and Linus Blomberg, and is today owned by Nordisk Film, a company within the Egmont media group. The studio builds games on their own developed game engine Apex – Avalanche Open World Engine – which enables huge open worlds filled to the breadth of freedom.

The Position
Avalanche Studios is currently looking for a mission / level designer to join their all new team working on our next explosive self-published title, being developed out of our Malmö office. We are primarily looking for designers with mid level to senior experience, though all applications are welcome. As a mission / level designer, you’ll be responsible for both creating amazing locations in the game world, and scripting the experiences the player will have in them. As a small and tightly knit team this role gives the candidate a great opportunity to make a big difference to the direction of an Avalanche title and to take real ownership of much of the in game experience. In practice, the role requires;

  • Designing, writing and scripting engaging missions and narrative flows. All while closely working with the lead game designer
    - To ensure your mission design is in line with the high level narrative
    - That you maximize the synergy and showcase of gameplay mechanics
  • Building settings from the ground up using buildings, roads, props and terrain. All while closely working with:
    - The art team, to ensure your designs fit the aesthetic of the game, and are visually up to scratch
    - World designers, to ensure your locations fit in the greater context of the open world as well as identifying synergies
  • Placing all of the enemies and gameplay props necessary to pull off your vision of the experience. All while closely working with:
    -Your lead designer, to ensure your vision fits the overall design requirements
    - The art team, to ensure you have the assets needed for your vision
  • And finally, making adjustments based on feedback and thoroughly debugging your work until it’s ready to make its way into the hands of millions of players.

Desirable traits
We’re looking for a designer who:
  • Is passionate about the art and theory of level design
  • Has strong knowledge of game design fundamentals
  • Has strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Has an interest in writing and storytelling
  • Is a generalist, with interest in and knowledge of other disciplines
  • Is able to successfully produce results individually and as part of a team\n
  • Has a passion for playing open world action games!

Relevant Experience
  • Experience as a mission / level designer on a AAA title
  • Multiplayer mission experience
  • Scripting experience / knowledge (Python, LUA or similar)
  • Experience building open world games
  • Experience working with narrative (text, dialogue or environmental storytelling)
  • Experience in other design fields (game design, AI design etc)
  • Any artistic experience in areas such as lighting and animation

To apply for this position please register below with a detailed resume and cover letter. Apply as soon as possible as we review applications continuously.  All further information is provided under non-disclosure agreement only. All applicants are required to relocate to work full-time in Malmö, Sweden.

Our Values

At Avalanche Studios, we believe in worlds without limits, and we are committed to develop a diverse and inclusive workplace. We strive to hire great talent from a variety of backgrounds. Being part of our world is not contingent on where you’re from, your gender, or sexual orientation. It’s all about your passion, courage and craftsmanship.

Malmö Studio

Our studio in Malmö, Sweden is the company’s third location since it was founded in Stockholm in 2003, and expanded to New York City in 2011.The Malmö studio will focus on development of current and future Avalanche Studios IPs, relatively small and flexible projects which rest on a solid foundation of AAA production values and award-winning proprietary technology. Malmö was chosen because of its unique location, rich culture and - above all - thriving game development community. With our creative independence, a decade and a half of experience and strong portfolio of games, Avalanche Studios will fill a unique position in the city. 

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