Concept Artist

New York
Responsible for creating characters, environments and other art and design assets for video game production, implementing the vehicle/prop development pipeline and generating 2D content for the studio.
Duties include:
·         Design and implement technical and creative aspects of studio's main character, environment, weapon and vehicle assets, from concept to final delivery, using graphic design software Adobe Photoshop;
·         Advise in the design and technical aspects of organic (character) and hard surface (environment, vehicle, weapon etc) creation to achieve the highest quality content;
·         Manage art content, and review and polish assets, sourced from other design studios;
·         Write spec documents and technical guidelines;and
·         Mentor Junior Graphic Artists to ensure implementation of studio's high standards.
Minimum Requirements:  
Associate's degree or equivalent in Animation Art/Design, plus 3 years developing concept art for video game production.
Experience, which may be gained concurrently, must include:
·         3 years relevant experience in hard surface and environment foundation in concept design; 
·         3 years relevant experience in creature and character foundation in concept design; 
·         3 years working with digital (Photoshop) and traditional painting/rendering techniques; 
·         3 years working experience with an art director to develop/embellish the game vision while considering the constraints of art style, gameplay, and technical possibilities; 
·         3 years of experience in video game product development including workflow, limits in technology, character orthographic views, storyboarding, and marketing material
Applicants must provide a portfolio demonstrating expertise in the requirements listed above and encompassing all facets of the concept design process. 
[*Position is eligible for Employee Referral Bonus Program.]
Please reference 43370-016.

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