In late 2015, after more than a decade in our old digs, Avalanche Studios moved houses. We didn’t go far, only about two blocks within the Södermalm area of Stockholm, but it was a big move nevertheless. Almost everyone of our 150 Stockholm-based developers had expressed their hopes, needs and wants for the new studio. The Operations team listened, budgeted and planned it all out.

As part of the move, electricity capacity was increased and cooling improved, as our landlord used to inform us that we “generated heat like we were running a small power plant in their building”.

Seats were outfitted with ample outlets, adjustable height tables and individual lights at the right temperatures to make sure everyone, from artists to programmers, were happy and able to do their best work.


Meeting rooms of all types and sizes were planned alongside work stations for a truly dynamic atmosphere, conducive to our agile workflow.

Lastly, the entire place was designed from the ground up to look and feel like it actually housed Avalanche Studios, creators of huge, explosive open worlds.

The move took place over a weekend and since then, we’ve been happily working out of Västgötagatan 5. We’re so happy to be here in fact, that we wanted to share the atmosphere with the outside world. To that end, we’ve put together a short video to give you a feel for what it can be like working at Avalanche Studios in Stockholm.


In the near future, we’ll let you peek into our New York studio, based in the heart of Soho. Developers there have enjoyed a truly unique environment since the studio opened in 2011. Just Cause 3 was in fact made in New York, right on Broadway, just above the one of the busiest streets in the city.

If you want to learn what it’s like developing games in New York City, keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at our brand new Stockholm studio.

Oh, and by the way… We’re hiring. Learn more here.