An image of a mountain peak in the afternoon looking over a shallow river bed in theHunter: Call of the Wild - Te Awaroa Reserve.

Known Issues List - theHunter: Call of the Wild


Last Updated: November 17

Howdy, Hunters!

In the wake of the recent Apex Connect release (read more about that here), we want to provide you with an update on the latest known issues. The team is working as efficiently as possible to get them resolved, and we will provide another update as soon as we know more.

In the meantime, if you encounter any bugs or issues, please send a detailed email to our support team (preferably including screenshots and save game files): [email protected].

List Legend

  • [o] == Known bug
  • [?] == Reported bug (under investigation)
  • [] == Should be fixed in the next patch
  • [N] == Issues added since the last game update
  • [S] == Issues solved since the last game update (will be removed after the next update is patched in)

High Priority Issues

  • Weapon pack 1/2 and Parque Fernando seem to have become unavailable for XBOX players
  • Fast travel is broken for many outposts. Mainly on Yukon and Silver Ridge Peaks

Specific to APEX Connect

  • [N] Unable to use existing APEX Connect account created in other avalanche games.
    To get around this, you first need to go to your game settings, then the APEX settings, then “unlink” your account. After your account (it’s the Hunt Club account) is unlinked, you will need to wait 24 hours. Afterwards, you should be able to login to your APEX account the next time you launch the game.
  • [N] There is no “login” option to login to existing APEX Connect accounts, only a “create account” option.
    If you already have an account, you can try entering your login credentials on this page, and it should log you in even though it’s the “create account” option.
  • [N] Some users are unable to receive the confirmation e-mail. This is because their e-mail provider is blocking the correspondence. If this is happening to you, their are two options:
    1) As long as you can log into your account, you can simply wait until we fix this issue with our e-mail handler
    2) You can e-mail support from your already linked e-mail account and ask us to change your APEX Connect E-mail to a Gmail account (which you will need to provide).

Additional note: By design, you need to be logged in to your APEX account and online to use the ghillie suit rewards. They’re not available offline, or if you’re signed out.

General Gameplay

  • [] Can't fast travel to some outposts. It's the journey that counts, right? Right?
    ‣ Casita de Martita - PFR (player spawns on the other side of a hill and sometimes takes falling damage)
    ‣ Chopeeka Outpost - LLR
    ‣ Xipembele Rila Outpost - VSR
    [N] Koekoea Hut - TAR
    [N] Piwakawaka Hut - TAR (can fast travel here, but the player gets knocked out)
    [N] Mullerwald outpost - HHR
    [N] Xibodlo Delta region - VSR
    [N] Casa de los Gil - RDAR
    [N] Cresta Riberena - CCR
    [N] Cresta del GranjeroI - CCR
    [N] Can’t fast travel to outposts on YVR; instead the player is placed at the spawn location or nearest tent for the reserve.
    [N] Can’t fast travel to outposts on SRP; instead the player is placed at the spawn location or nearest tent for the reserve. Notably, this issue may only affect the HOST of a map.
  • [o] Mexican Bobcats weighing more than 30 kgs
  • [o] Animals sometimes channel their inner to slide around. FUNK
  • [o] Animals sometimes fail to flee. . And will stare you down
  • [S] Able to use ammunition directly from storage.
  • [o] Bison and Cape buffalo are hunter killers and will chase the player across the entire map. VENGEANCE will be mine!
  • [o] The dog can push the player. And the ATV.
  • [o] The Grelick Drilling Rifle doesn't switch ammo like it's supposed to, especially in multi-player.
  • [o] After using binoculars, the player has a MIGHTY NEED to face North.
  • [o] Medkits can occasionally fail to heal. . Always inspect your equipment to make sure everything is in working order
  • [o] Geese avoid other players in MP sessions. #honk.
  • [o] EU rabbits don't run to their burrows when spooked.
  • [o] The dog isn't reliably tracking geese.
  • [o] In multi-player games only the host can see Great One animals. Other players simply see a lower level version of the animal, and even when harvested, it won't be a Great One.
  • [o] Arrows retrieved from the filed are kicked back to the players storage instead of being placed into their inventory.
  • [o] The skill, "Disturbed Vegetation" is only showing it's special track types near need zones and not as an infrequent clue drop as intended.
  • [o] Some pistols which should be affected by the "Manual Chambering" game setting are in fact, not.
  • [o] Ducks are not responding to decoys or callers as they should be.
  • [o] When there are "too many" corpses on the ground, some will become un-harvestable. Usually upwards of 10 or so. This issue generally arises when players are committing hate crimes against geese.
  • [N] Floating radio towers can be found across multiple reserves in various locations. Beam me up, Scotty!


  • [o] Audio degradation on consoles. Sounds start "vibrating" (Generally accompanied by performance issues as well).
  • [o] Some animal callers are not heard by other players in multi-player.
  • [o] Dialogue lines can overlap. This can happen if you quickly complete missions which have unusually long voice dialogues.
  • [o] Sometimes the sound of the tripod clanking can be heard when looking through scopes/binoculars.
  • [o] Sometimes the player can start "sliding" around and the audio feedback for footsteps will also stop playing.
  • [N] The “holding breath” gasp is no longer working. Gasp!
  • [N] Some animals warning calls are not playing despite the visual cue triggering:
    ‣ Male Wild Boar (likely the same for feral pigs and peccary, but unconfirmed)
    ‣ Male Iberian wolves on Cuatro Colinas (unconfirmed for females, or gray wolves on Yukon)
    ‣ Male Red Deer
    ‣ Female Beceite Ibex


  • [o] Some missions can fail to work as intended and lock the player out of further progress in that missions questline. Some notable missions are listed below:
    ‣ TAR - Stonecastle
    ‣ RDAR - Fencing Champion (During the last step)
    ‣ RDAR - A Safe Place
  • [S] The mission is slow to proceed after interacting with the items on the table for the mission "Y También Tu Hermano".
  • [o] Hope #3 on Layton Lakes has incorrect mission requirements.
  • [o] Certain missions can become incompletable if their conditions are accomplished while in a multiplayer game. Particularly, the missions which ask you to discover an outpost/watchtower.

Lodges & Trophies

  • [o] Mule deer rack displayed as being inverted.
  • [o] Some animals’ (lions, gemsbok, wildebeest) manes & tails looking too glossy/transparent in Trophy lodges.
  • [o] Trophies not being sorted by timestamp in correct order. We plan to provide several options to sort the trophies or at least keep the most recent trophies at the top of the list
  • [o] The character has forgotten how to put Bows and Crossbows on weapon stands, occasionally shoving the weapons through walls or furniture. I Like it THIS way!
  • [o] Leaderboards: This is part of a bigger rework related to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that we want to address together with adding some more functionalities to Hunt Club.
  • [o] Some Multi-Mounts are having collision issues and causing the trophies to clip through each other. But first, lemme' take a selfie!
  • [o] Taxidermized animals can sometimes not appear in the Trophy Manager.
  • [o] Weapon stats in the lodge are not accurate.
  • [o] The trophy manager becoming unavailable.
  • [o] Geese scoring above 8.5 and below 8.6 can score Gold despite 8.5 being the diamond rating.
  • [N] Chamois are mounted too low on wall plaques.


  • [?] The Crash Reporter tool is often failing to send crash reports.
  • [?] Hangs when trying to quit to desktop. Must use Task Manager to close.
  • [o] Crash if trying to start the game with a (black) PS4 controller plugged in.
    If this is happening to you, you need to enable your controller compatibility in Steam's controller settings. Steam >> Settings >> Controller >> General Controller Settings.
  • [o] Enabling other player’s waypoints in multiplayer will crash the game.

Lost Progress & Data

  • [o] Sometimes progress is lost altogether and can only start a new game.
  • [o] In-game currency or purchased items are lost.
  • [o] Deployables placed in the world are lost and not found in storage (multiplayer).
  • [o] Loss of map exploration data, including Lookout points and/or outposts and Exploration (map fog)
  • [o] claimed lookout points or outposts become locked, turn green, and can not be unlocked again. Variations of this bug also exist.
  • [o] Some achievements are not unlocking appropriately. Notable achievements are listed below:
    ‣ Rio Grande Turkeys don't count towards the achievements, "Gobble Gobble" and, "Thanksgiving!". . Sad Gobble
    ‣ Scarecrow
    ‣ Globetrotter

Graphics & UI/UI Issues

  • [o] Several issues while buying new equipment or changing equipment loadout
  • [o] Wind direction arrow for “Windage” perk not rotating in the correct direction
  • [?] Incorrect indication of player’s level on Level bar when Profile card is viewed in Codex menu
  • [S] Scent Eliminator and First Aid Kit not showing counters & correct icons in the player HUD when equipped
  • [?] Sometimes the text on the UI for dog tracking is overlapped.
  • [o] Rangefinder bow sight displaying incorrect values.
  • [o] Hunting Dog’s eyes looking weird at times.
  • [o] Huntermate appearing black randomly.
  • [S] The floating particles from animal tracks (and particles in general) are not appearing.
  • [o] Weapons float behind the player when changing their ammo while on an ATV. . Spooky
  • [o] The Couso 16GA Shotgun is not working seamlessly. Some issues were addressed, but the issues with this weapon continue. "Re"-loading will chamber a round and make the shotgun ready.
  • [o] Several roadways in many reserves are being overgrown by trees and brush. The earth is healing!
  • [o] Weird stutter in camera movement when user pets the dog
  • [o] Some lakes have dried up here and there, but the water can still be heard.
  • [o] The main outpost of Parque Fernando has a leaky roof. We're working on that up. patching
  • [o] There is a road in the North-East of Te Awaroraroa Reserve that goes along two region borders. This causes the game to display the player as constantly hopping between two different regions. This appears to now be happening in other locations across reserves.
  • [o] The ground lookouts in Hirschfielden are using the Yukon map as their reserve map. This is actually an an old hint to tease Yukon, but it was never removed from the game.
  • [o] Only 5 digits worth of HunterBucks:tm: are displayed and any further digits are cut off.
  • [o] Placing a waypoint on the map may be considerably offset from where users click. Previously this issue only affected users with ultrawide monitors, but it seems to be global now.
  • [o] The grass on Hirschfielden can sometimes get groovy and start dancing and flickering.