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In 2015, Avalanche Studios released two AAA games in the span of three months. We also kept growing our thriving virtual hunting community, moved into a new studio space in Stockholm (pictured) and dipped our toes in mobile development. It was a busy and exciting year.

Best Supporting Act

Meet Johan Fläckman, Studio Lead Architect at Avalanche Studios. We discuss the unique nature of developing open-world games, the perfect application, his drive to help fellow developers and much more.


We’re nearly there! On December 1st, Just Cause 3 launches on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and high end Windows PC’s.

Linus Blomberg &
Christofer Sundberg
Co-Founders of Avalanche Studios
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Do you have what it takes to create the next generation of open world games? Would you like to join a highly skilled and motivated team in Stockholm or New York City? Avalanche Studios can offer a working environment unlike any other.