Just Cause

September 22, 2006

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The game that started it all!

Just Cause was released on September 22, 2006 and introduced player to a certain Latin hero by the name of Rico Rodriguez. In his first mission, Rico travels to the island of San Esperito to help overthrow the evil dictator Salvador Mendoza. Rico's agency (cleverly dubbed The Agency), believes he may be in possession of WMD's. When Rico arrives, an explosive and highly inventive guerilla war is launched against the government.

The island of San Esperito is a place of promise, both for Rico and for the many players who first joined him in Panau and then decided to check out his beginnings. For instance, before Rico could use his grapple hook as a means of transportation, he could already run, drive, fly, stunt jump, swim and sky dive. And before the Avalanche Engine became one of the most celebrated technologies in open world development, it raised the bar for scope and freedom with Just Cause.

To this day, Just Cause remains an essential chapter of open world game history.


Just Cause is powered by the first iteration of the Avalanche Engine, which made possible the creation of a huge open world, groundbreaking for its time.


As has since become customary for the Just Cause franchise, the player is free to roam around the island at any pace, by any means, for whatever cause. While there is a main story line and hundreds of side missions to explore, few games are as well suited to just going around and causing chaos.


Rico can run, jump and swim. He can highjack a wide variety of cars, boats, motorcycles, helicopters and airplanes. And he can stunt jump to fend off attackers or make himself a moving target. Just Cause set the foundation for the incredible stunt action the series is now renowned for.