Our technology

Our Apex - Avalanche Open World Engine™ is the result of over 20 years of hard work, iteration, and the passion for always being at the forefront of open world technology. It empowers our game teams to create immersive gameplay experiences in beautiful open worlds.


The Apex Engine™ is designed entirely with our games in mind. Our strength lies in the ability to create custom solutions for every aspect of the engine, enabling relatively small teams to create amazing open world games. From the first-person insanity of Rage 2 and extreme weather in Just Cause 4 to the tranquil forests in theHunter: Call of the Wild and Generation Zero’s serene countryside. 


The Apex Engine™ is easy to use and ever-evolving. We also have tools programmers embedded in our divisions that work closely with our designers, artists, and animators. If you ever need support or have feedback, the people who created the engine are probably grabbing a coffee just around the corner.