Just Cause 2

March 23, 2010

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Avalanche Studios' breakthrough hit offers a unique mix of vertical gameplay, explosive action and total player freedom. The island landscape of Panau is crafted with the Avalanche Engine, ensuring breathtaking views of snow covered mountain ridges, lush rain forest, scorching deserts and urban sprawl, spanning five separate climate zones. Players are given complete freedom to explore and wreak havoc using a versatile grapple hook, parachute and more than 100 vehicles includingtactical jeeps, attack helicopters and jet fighters.

Across more than 400 square miles, the deadly Rico Rodriguez can use his full range of moves, from stunt jumping on cars to dual tethering enemies to exploding canisters – all to find his mark, take down the regime and of course, to not look at huge explosions as he walks away from them.


Since its release in 2010, Just Cause 2 has become the benchmark for size, density and fidelity in open world games. Built on the celebrated Avalanche Engine, the island world of Panau includes five separate climate zones, more than 100 vehicles and infinite possibility to express yourself through explosive gameplay, on ground and in the air.


In Just Cause 2, you are not confined within artificial walls or forced to do things the way anyone else intended. Almost instantly, you are given complete freedom to venture off the beaten path and go wild. Judging by the player data we've collected over the years, a lot players do just that.


By taking down government buildings and military installations, Rico causes chaos and kickstarts the liberation process. Luckily, most of Panau is just waiting to explode – from flammable canisters to jet planes, gas stations and power plants. In Just Cause 2, things go boom. A lot