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Rid Avalt of the dark forces

You are the Vessel. Carried within you is a powerful weapon forged by ancient gods to defeat the Betrayer. They called it Raven, and its sacred duty is to rid Avalt of the dark forces. Knowing this mission would take many lifetimes to complete, they enshrined the Raven in the body of warriors, conduits for the Raven's quest. 

Prepare for death, Vessel, but fight knowing that with every enemy you defeat, you serve those who'll come after you. They inherit the wisdom you gain traveling across Avalt, gathering resources, overcoming perilous challenges, and battling ferocious enemies. The loop closes when a Vessel arises powerful enough to see the Raven fulfill its purpose. 

A Beautifully Deadly Open World

Avalt is a beautiful and vast open world fantasy world inspired by folklore that you can freely explore on foot or on the wings of the Raven. The choice where to go and what challenge to undertake is always yours to make. But beware! This stunning land and its creatures are ever-changing, giving rise to new foes, locations, and challenges when you least expect it! 

Play your Cards Right

Survival depends on playing your cards right in Ravenbounds deck building feature. Expand your deck when a Vessel falls, selecting cards for more powerful gear, weapons, and magic. Choose wisely. These are the cards you want in the hand of the Vessel that rises next. Though that Vessel must still endeavor to draw each card, the deck is better stacked for survival when they do. Make the most of each opportunity to improve your deck to give each Vessel the best chance of bringing the Raven closer to victory before they fall.

Intense Action-Roguelite Combat

Face off with creatures from fantasy and folklore like trolls, huldras, and the fearsome undead draugr. Armed with steel imbued with magic, you must engage in fast-paced close combat where tactics are everything. Knowing when to dodge is just as important as when to attack. Choose your battles wisely, as every Vessel has just one life to sacrifice to the Raven's ambition. And battle wisely, as the combat abilities you attain can benefit the Vessel who rises in your place.