TheHunter: Classic

March 5, 2009

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The most realistic hunting simulation ever is free to play, easy to get into but very hard to master.

Players are free to explore all aspects of the wilderness, including rugged North American forests, German highland and Swedish mountain ridges, swamplands and frozen lakes. Animals to hunt include Moose, Coyote, Wild boar, Black bear, Deer, Red Fox, Canadian Goose, Mallard and many more. Each species reacts to outside stimuli like they would in reality, including visuals, sound and scent – so take cover, keep still and don't forget to keep an eye on the ever-changing wind direction. Players can also track animals using blood trails, scat or foot prints. A wide variety of rifles, bows and lures are available to choose from.

Not into hunting? Bring a virtual camera and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Engaging Open World

Explore seven widely different hunting reserves ranging from North American forests to Central European mountain ranges. Making full use of the proprietary Avalanche Engine you know and love from Just Cause 2, hunting sessions feature day and night cycles, subtle lighting and shading and natural weather effects.

Ever Evolving

theHunter is always evolving. The dedicated theHunter team at Expansive Worlds (an Avalanche Studios subsidiary) are always adding new weapons, gadgets, animals, gameplay modes and even entire reserves. Additionally, the team maintains an ongoing, close dialogue with the amazing theHunter community, listening closely and acting on their feedback.

Hunt with Friends

theHunter supports up to 8 players in competitive or co-op multiplayer. Invite your friends, organize a hunting trip and work together as a team or challenge each other! Who can take home the biggest trophy?