Welcome to Montreal

Our Canadian office is located in the vibrant, multicultural city of Montreal. With its rich Francophone history and European flair, the city offers world-class cuisine, arts, nightlife, and bustling gaming culture. Montreal boasts an abundance of museums, galleries, festivals, and parks – all easily accessible by the underground metro. Just outside the city, you'll find amazing nature activities like hiking and skiing in the Laurentian mountains.

Starting something new

We build each new location in the cities where we want to work and live. Finding the right place is important to us, and just like our other locations, you’ll find us in the vibrant Old Port of Montreal where the surroundings inspire us to create genre-defining open world games. 


We believe in promoting sustainable work-life balance at our Montreal location – just like in Stockholm, New York, Malmö, and Liverpool. We aim to squash the concept of “crunch” through collaborative planning between Avalanchers and flexible core hours.


Nothing is more important than our employees. At Avalanche Studios Group, we offer you a stable platform for your employment with clear career paths and development plans. Furthermore, we strongly believe in a collaborative culture where we grow together by sharing knowledge between locations, teams, projects, and individuals.