Expansive Worlds Appoint New CEO

Expansive Worlds (www.expansiveworlds.com), original creators and developers of online-activated hunting simulator theHunter, is announcing that Pim Holfve has been appointed CEO of the company.

The news comes just weeks before theHunter is expected to reach the milestone of one million registered players. Pim has an extensive and diverse background in the videogame industry, most recently at EA Easy. His presence will help Expansive Worlds become a stronger, even more dynamic company.

­“The first time I stepped into the world of theHunter, I knew I wanted to be a part of developing it further”, says Pim Holfve. “The woods have this soothing, almost meditative feeling about it. The contrast to lining up your shot with adrenalin pumping through your veins could not be more thrilling. It’s telling that theHunter is being developed in close dialogue with the experienced hunters in our community. I’m confident that my background will prove very useful in this new position, and it feels great to become part of such a dedicated and skilled team.”

“With his solid industry background and success with Battlefield Heroes, we are confident that Pim will lead Expansive Worlds to a new level in free-to-play gaming”, says Avalanche co-founder and CTO Linus Blomberg. “This business model will only grow stronger in the new landscape of gaming, and Pim’s experience helps us to successfully navigate that landscape. Both Expansive Worlds and Avalanche Studios as a company group benefit greatly from today’s news.”

For more information or studio interview requests, please contact Avalanche Studios head of communications, Thomas Wiborgh at [email protected], or Pim directly at [email protected].

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About Expansive Worlds
Expansive Worlds, an independently operated subsidiary of Avalanche Studios, is focused on socially connected, online simulation games distributed directly to gamers. In 2009, Expansive Worlds released its premiere title theHunter, an online-activated first-person hunting game. theHunter is developed in closed collaboration with its thriving community, and is continually infused with new features and content updates. Within weeks, it is expected to reach the milestone of one million registered players.

About Avalanche Studios
Avalanche Studios was founded in 2003 by Christofer Sundberg and Linus Blomberg and is the original creator of the award-winning Just Cause franchise (published by Eidos/Square Enix). The Avalanche Studios headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden, with a new studio founded in the heart of New York City in June of 2011. The company develops games based on its proprietary technology, enabling unique open-worlds to be created based on original or licensed content. Avalanche Studios recently released its first XBLA/PSN/PC game, Renegade Ops (published by SEGA), which has received great critical acclaim. The studio is currently hard at work at several AAA games, all based on the latest iteration of the Avalanche Engine. More information is available at Avalanche Studios website: www.avalanchestudios.se.