We’re nearly there! On December 1st, Just Cause 3 launches on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and high end Windows PC’s.

In Just Cause 3, Rico Rodriquez returns to his mother’s homeland, the Mediterranean island paradise of Medici, to find it oppressed by General Di Ravello. Luckily, it’s long established that Rico is ‘an expert in regime change’.


Just Cause 3 is the ultimate open-world sandbox. The landscape is not only breathtakingly beautiful. The new version of the Avalanche Engine has allowed us to create the dramatic profile of Medici; sharp cliffs, overhangs, tunnels and even underground bases! Filled to the brim with high octane cars, power boats, airplanes, sports bikes, fighter jets and everything in between – we have rebuilt the vehicular models from the ground up. Vehicles break down, hinged parts fall off and engines explode in great ways. And that’s of course just the beginning. Once you start combining the grapple hook (now allowing for up to 6 tethers), the parachute (now a much more stable combat platform) and the all-new Wingsuit, the game really opens up. How about a few minutes of Just Cause 3 mayhem to whet your appetite?

While we love the huge explosions and chaotic action in the open world, we’re putting a little more emphasis on story-telling this time around. In the third game, we feel we owe it to Rico to let the world know a little more about who he really is. Here’s a taste.

All of this comes together in Just Cause 3’s explosive missions, which combine aspects of the sandbox with the story, always allowing players major freedom to achieve their goals in any way they choose. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s an actual mission in Just Cause 3.