PC 1.70 / PS4 1.64 / XB1


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  • There’s a new Great One roaming certain Reserves.
  • Did someone say hints? Find them to discover what the next DLC might be.

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  • To avoid confusion with certain key actions while having the hunting dog by your side, PC keybinds now indicate when a long press is needed in the Settings menu; 
  • #notabug: We’ve removed the mission advance waiting time for the mission ‘Y Tambien Hermano’ after interacting with the diary in in Rancho del Arroyo reserve;
  • We’ve reduced the amount of shotgun score required to purchase 12 GA Birdshot ammo;
  • Players have the option to customize the Spotting Outline Color for animals spotted by other users in multiplayer sessions in the Settings menu;

  • This update will reset some animal populations. This includes but is not limited to the Collared Peccary, Rio Grande Turkey, and Ring-necked Pheasant.


  • Being unable to shoot with Couso 1897 shotgun in aim mode if user fired with another gun before that has now been resolved
  • Particle effects fixes (fire and animal tracks):
    - Previously missing fire particle effects in specific missions should now play
    - Animal track particle effects should now appear and play properly
  • Trophy Lodge stability adjustments and fixes:
    - Creating a multiplayer Trophy Lodge that was already visited in Single Player no longer crashes the game
    - Joining a multiplayer Trophy Lodge will now load properly 

Additional Updates

---  Animals & Environment

  • Mexican Bobcats no longer become stuck in an animation loop at drinking zones near the lake in Rancho Del Arroyo reserve
  • Your dog will not continue to growl when near a freshly shot animal
  • Turkeys and Pheasants will not land on/below water when flying across lakes

---  Weapons, Gear, & Character

  • (Sorry, not sorry) We’ve fixed the issue where a player could continue to fire even after running out of ammo for weapons like the Coachmate Lever .45-70, Whitlock Model 86 and the Focoso 357
  • (Jazz hands!) The bug where only your character’s hands appeared during a death animation while riding an ATV and after getting damage from Cacti has been fixed

---  User Interface & Multiplayer

  • Ammunition now shows up in your inventory quick access menu as designed after running out and purchasing more
  • The Collared Peccary Codex entry now displays the correct recommended ammo type
  • The Scent Eliminator and First Aid Kit now show their correct icons in the player HUD when equipped;
  • Various crash fixes in Multiplayer