Avalanche Studios Expands to Malmö


We’re excited to announce that Avalanche Studios will open a new studio in Malmö, Sweden! It will be the company’s third location since it was founded in Stockholm in 2003, and expanded to New York City in 2011.

The Malmö studio will focus on development of current and future Avalanche Studios IPs, relatively small and flexible projects which rest on a solid foundation of AAA production values and award-winning proprietary technology.

Malmö was chosen because of its unique location, rich culture and - above all - thriving game development community. With its creative independence, a decade and a half of experience and strong portfolio of games, Avalanche Studios will fill a unique position in the city.

"It’s been hard to decide where to open our new studio", said Pim Holfve, CEO of Avalanche Studios. "Sweden offers many locations with potential, but we feel that Malmö ticks all the boxes. I’m convinced that the new studio will be beneficial for both Avalanche Studios and for the already impressive game development community in and around Malmö."

To kick off this exciting journey, Avalanche Studios welcomes Sara Ponnert as its Studio Manager. Sara has a background in games publishing from Pan Vision and Sony Ericsson Mobile, and most recently took the role of business developer and project lead at Media Evolution, where she helped companies and organizations in the region to grow. Sara will build the new studio from the ground up, starting from a core team of senior developers relocating from the Stockholm studio, with local talent joining them. Starting today, Avalanche Studios is hiring for a dozen new roles, with many more to follow.

Photo Credit Jesper Berg