Avalanche Studios Group intends to enter CBA


Stockholm (April 12, 2024) – Avalanche Studios Group announced today its intention to enter a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with Swedish labor unions Unionen and Engineers of Sweden. As a Swedish-founded company, Avalanche’s values are well-aligned with the Nordic model, wherein CBAs offer a long-standing framework for constructive relations between employer and employee.

The agreement is planned to be in effect during the second quarter of 2025, and will apply to all Avalanchers employed in Sweden. Once introduced, it will help standardize frameworks around essential areas such as salaries, benefits, employee influence, and career support. 

“Over the past years, we’ve taken significant steps toward making Avalanche one of the best workplaces in the games industry,” says Stefanía Halldórsdóttir, Avalanche Studios Group’s CEO. “Our inclusive, warm, and welcoming culture, sound work-life balance, profit sharing, and parental leave policy – just to name a few – are a testament to that. These are all things that set us apart and allow us to focus on making great games. We hope that signing a CBA will be yet another step in that same direction.”

In the months ahead, Avalanche will work closely together with representatives from the labor unions Unionen and Engineers of Sweden, the employer organization Almega, and Avalanche’s union club to ensure a smooth implementation of the required frameworks. 

“It’s important for us to approach the transition in the right way,” commented Stefanía Hallórsdóttir. “This is why we’re not rushing the implementation of the CBA. We’ll use the coming months to carry out the necessary work in a careful, structured, and non-disruptive manner – all while continuing the development of several new and existing games.”

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