Celebrating our first decade in New York!


10 years ago, we cut through a blue-and-yellow silk ribbon and announced that New York was open for business.

New York was our first location outside of Stockholm, later followed by Malmö and most recently Liverpool. Opening in New York exposed us to all the great talent and opportunities of the American east coast. But it wasn't an obvious move – as game developers, we were all but alone in the great city. So our expansion didn't just break new ground, it also raised some eyebrows.

– I remember visiting the New York location before becoming CEO, says Pim Holfve. I recall how much the team's collective skill set impressed me. It also led the way in demonstrating how added diversity can strengthen our games and company culture.

A decade later, two massive AAA games (Just Cause 3 and 4) have been produced at our Manhattan location. Other developers have followed in our footsteps and become our neighbors. And the team is now hard at work on the next big project.

One of the developers who was in New York from the early days is Omar Shakir, now the Game Director of Contraband, our upcoming co-op smuggler's paradise.

– My favorite thing about our New York location is the (sometimes rather loud!) white noise, says Omar. I'm referring to the creative chaos, the chatter, the keyboard click-y vibe of the physical space. That charged atmosphere is invigorating! It's lightning in a bottle. I love it, and I'm grateful to be a part of it.

While a decade in New York is nothing to sneeze at, it's just the beginning. Avalanche Studios Group recently signed a new, centrally located studio space to house all the creative energy of the team. With our future home base secured, here's to the next 10 years in the city!