Crude Oil Coffee: 20 years of caffeine-powered game-making


Coffee flows through our veins and fuels our open worlds. It’s infused into our every line of code, every note of music, every frame of animation. And the sacred coffee machine is always the first piece of hardware we fire up in the morning.

To celebrate this 20-year love story, we partnered with our long-standing pusher of black powder, Lykke Kaffegårdar. Together we sipped, slurped, and sloshed until we found our brew: one as dark and dense as a barrel of Wasteland oil.

Going about creating our perfect cup of joe, we first had to understand what the average Joe wanted. So we started with a coffee tasting. Coffee tasting, you ask. Isn’t that what we do all day –  sipping on our coffee-machine-cups until we’re overflowing with overcaffeinated inspiration? Well, as it turns out, this isn’t the way the professionals go about sampling their sauce.

The coffee connoisseurs at Lykke taught our group of budding sommeliers how it’s done: with a spoon and a slurp – a really, really loud slurp. Turns out, getting air into that sip brings out the flavors and – providing you aren’t then accidentally breathing it in – allows you to fully savor the complexities of the coffee. 

Once we let Lykke know which cups won over our Avalanchers, they began crafting the perfect blend to fuel our games: Crude Oil. A caffeinated lubricant for our creativity. 

Avalanche Studios Group creates worlds beyond limits, and we want to help preserve our own. To that end, Crude Oil is a naturally processed blend from Brazil and Uganda. Its berries are grown without pesticides at 1200 meters above sea level. They’re then handpicked by small-scale farmers and sun-dried with their pulp intact for a full and sweet flavor.