Generation Zero - Apparel Crafting


It’s time to turn your ultimate 80s outfits into battle worthy garments with the addition of the Apparel Crafting in this latest update. By exploring and scavenging in Östertörn and Himfjäll, you will be able to find crafting materials or objects you can strip down for parts. Use these resources to enhance your clothing, making them as strong as they are fashionable.

As you explore the world of Generation Zero, completing missions, looting chests, and wandering around the countryside, you will now have a chance to stumble upon schematics that can be used to enhance your apparel. Simply take the clothing of your choice that utilized the same item slot as your schematic, combine it with the right crafting materials and watch your stats go up. Mix and match what enhancements you have to become an even more resilient fighter in the continued conflict against the hostile machines. At the point of the update’s release, there will be over 20 different schematics available to you.

Whether you decide to scavenge the abandoned towns and defeated enemies for materials, or recycle equipment and items that are no longer of use to you, you will be able to utilize 6 different crafting resources to boost your character.

The crafting materials you should keep an eye out for in this update are:Adhesive, Thread, Steel, Rubber, Cloth, and Plastic.

Each schematic is connected to a specific stat, and it is up to you how you best optimize your character to survive potential confrontations with the enemy. You might add visibility reduction to be able to sneak better, or bullet resistance to be able to take more hits before being downed by an overwhelming foe. Whatever combination you chose, your outfit will help you survive longer.