The Landfall Update has finally arrived! The first update in some time, and there’s quite a lot that went into this one too. Not only have we added plenty for everyone to enjoy for free, we also squashed quite a few bugs (both new and old) to get this update to you all.

The Landfall Update has finally arrived! The first update in some time, and there’s quite a lot that went into this one too. Not only have we added plenty for everyone to enjoy for free, we also squashed quite a few bugs (both new and old) to get this update to you all. 

This is the first time since its release that Generation Zero has new enemies arriving to the skirmishes in Östertörn. The Soviet faction has become much more tangible this month as they bring two new machines into the fray. How did they arrive exactly? Why did they cross the waters to Sweden? They don’t seem to be focused only on you and your allies, why is that? You will have to go into enemy territory to find out…

In the meantime, we can have a look into what's arriving in Östertörn for the Landfall Update: 

For those of you starting up new characters or just landing in the world of Generation Zero for the first time, you’ll notice there is a new intro movie that takes over the rolling text at the start of the game. For the veterans of Östertörn who dare venture into more dangerous regions, new machines are here to freshen up your fights! 

New Soviet Faction Enemies: 

The Wolf

The Wolf is somewhat of a hybrid machine. It transports smaller units to deploy on the battlefield but also packs its own punch depending on which model you come across in the field. There are three different classes to fight and plenty of new weak points to find.

The Lynx

The Lynx might be small, but it’s still quite formidable. Its agile design allows for it to be effective in nearly every terrain it comes across, and its speed can catch up with you quickly. So be careful when on the retreat with this one as they have quite the bite if they get close.


We continue our efforts with location revamps to spice up the base game for everyone to enjoy. This time around we had two targets: Southern Forest Region & Marshlands (Partial).

With these revamps also come new Collectibles in the southern part of the Forest Region. The backstories attached expand on Resistance activities in the region and some of the mysteries found within the world as a whole. There are also new collectibles in the Marshlands Region, which could shed some light on the Soviet arrival…


The Weapon Wheel has finally arrived with the Landfall Update as well!

We heard a lot of the feedback out there, and found this to be the best solution to address as many of the players' needs as we could reach. With this new way to navigate loadouts you're no longer restricted to 3 weapons at a time! You can mix and match as you see fit, bringing new strategies to any skirmish out there. 

We’ve made quite a few additions to the overall arsenal this past year, with more to come in 2022. So, we found it best to finally address the capacity of your Plundra storage, as well as the Recycling Bench. With the debut of the Landfall Update, you will be able to expand your storage to your growing needs with up to 5 additional levels for each container!

There are some additional improvements to help newer players navigate game systems early on:

  • Materials you find now have descriptions to them showing where to typically find them in the world. 
  • Potential schematics can now be seen in location summaries as well. 
  • Ammo types and weapon matches now have better descriptors in the inventory. Giving you a better understanding of what ammo belongs where, at a glance.
  • New proportional aim system that automatically scales with the zoom level. Can be switched with the old system in the game settings.
  • In multiplayer settings it is now possible to define whenever other players can build and destroy buildings in your base.

For the explorers out there, you’ll also notice some improvements in the world to help in the Resistance efforts. Wood is now harvestable in places you would expect to find it. For example, you’ll find this sapling when running through forested areas.

This is the first step we’re taking to iterate on materials you find in the world. There will be more to come!

For those of you using your situational awareness to help turn the tides of battle, you’ll find there are more aptly tagged objects in the world. EMPs and Explosives can be triggered with these world items. While these are not exactly new, they are aimed at helping new players understand how to use the environment to their advantage more directly: 

Electrical Unit

Fixed Fuel Cells


With a new iteration of the Base Defense missions, we also have some new, free buildings to go with it (Some of you might recognize these from past Dev Letters)! These should give everyone a more versatile approach to their Resistance defenses.

Reinforced Pylon

Scaffolding Platform

Scaffolding Ramp

Decorative Hedge

Tall Spotlight

New buildings aren't the only thing that is coming to the Base Defense experience, Base Defense missions have new iterations as well! The waves of machines that attack now have much more variability. You're also able to skip over preparation timers if you're ready at a moment's notice! We’ve also been observing various points of feedback about Base Defense, and have made the latter difficulties more challenging.

Not only has there been quite a few additions to the base game of Generation Zero with the Landfall Update. This is also the debut of a larger DLC we’ve had planned for a while now, one that will help you fend off Machine attacks against everything you’ve built in defense of Östertörn. 


With the Landfall update, we also released the Base Defense Pack, which contains a bunch of new ways to defend your bases. This includes: Missile turrets, spiked walls, spiked floors, explosive barrels, human decoys, and sandbag shooting positions.

Resistance Grenade Launcher Pillbox

Resistance Sandbag Shooting Position

Resistance Explosive Barrel

Resistance Spiked Traps (Wall and Ground) & Resistance Human Decoy