Generation Zero - DARK SKIES UPDATE



The next update for Generation Zero has arrived, and we’re very excited to finally show you what we’ve been working on these past months! The Dark Skies Update will bring you not only a brand new Soviet Machine, the Firebird, but also an entirely new way to travel - the Tuned Moped. And if the skies above are too dark for you, now is the time to bring some color to your Östertörn fighter with the new free weapon skins. More about that a little bit below, but first,


Reinforcements have arrived; say “Hej” to Generation Zero’s first weaponized flying enemy! Equipped with everything from Autocannons and Howitzers to Teslacoil spikes and Trip Bombs it will wreak havoc from the air, darkening the sky above Östertörn.

This new machine will surely push the Resistance to its knees. Do you have what it takes to defend not only Östertörn but the skies above it as well? You’ll be introduced to this new flying menace in northern Östertörn where it roams the skies. If you shoot one of them down, don’t forget to loot it, it might carry something special!

Our Lead Artist, Rich comments: "For our first flying machine, we wanted to set out an all-seeing terror. The influence behind it was those police helicopter videos you see at night boasting a large spotlight. Able to find the player in any density whilst they run or fight.

We haven't explored any machine that moves vertically (well not intentionally) and of course that came with a lot of challenges to overcome and questions to answer. But not losing sight of what the Firebird is made the first flying machine a terror in the skies. Bring all the bullets and rockets you can carry, this machine is a monster!"


With a new machine reigning terror from above we need a new way to escape its rapid fire on the ground. Being a long-time sought feature from the GZ community, we’re finally introducing a new means of transportation in Östertörn; the Tuned Moped!

“We wanted to introduce a way for players to travel around our huge game world in a new and exciting way. The moped will allow the player to get from A to B faster than before.” Robert, one of the Game Designers on the team says.


It’s not all dark. The Dark Skies Update brings some new flavor to the game with completely new spoils of war. Show the world just how tough you are and who you’ve beaten with five new free weapons skins. These colorful creations can drop from beaten Rivals and be attached to some of your favorite weapons through a new attachment slot. Go get them all today!

"Dark Skies sees the introduction of being able to customize your weapons further by applying cosmetic skins to them. The first round has a mix of well-recognized camouflage to the more reclusive ones as well as a couple of weapons receiving The Resistance treatment. Keep an eye out for them as you loot machines and which weapons they apply for.

We intend to add more skins to your favorite weapons in the future as well as expand on your collection." Rich, Our Lead Artist adds.


Ready for a fresh start? Included in this full-packed update is a new way to replay the game for all of you who have already cleared your way through Östertörn and FNIX’s threats.

Here’s Björn, Lead Game Designer, giving us a rundown of the New Game revamp:

This new feature aims to fulfill two long-standing wishes from the community:

  • Provide a way for players to replay the game with a new character in a new world where all the missions and world progression has been reset (without having to delete all existing characters)
  • Provide a way for players to replay the game with an old character in a new world (“new game+”)

With the old system, the game supported 1 world and up to 4 characters. This has now changed so that you can have a total of 4 worlds and 4 characters. These worlds and characters can be mixed and matched in any way you want to achieve the goals outlined above while maintaining support for the old system.

  • Examples of what you can do now:
  • Fresh New Game = New Character + New World
  • New Game+ = Existing Character + New World
  • Original Approach = New Character + Existing World
  • Continue Game = Existing Character + Existing World


The Tuned Moped isn’t fast enough for you? Then we’ve got something in store that you’re going to like; the Motorbikes Pack DLC! Included in this fast-paced pack, you’ll find three unique motorbikes. Lodjuret, Väktare, and Motstånd. All with their own characteristics to get you through even the toughest terrains. Grab them from your platform store today!


Östertörn gets extra spooky as Halloween arrives in the Swedish archipelago!

Starting today and running until the 2nd of November haunted machines will drop pieces of the four limited vanity sets, the Nightmare, Slasher, Vampire, and the Arctic.

So how will this work exactly? For each machine you take down, there will be a change for apparel items to drop. All four sets contain their own variants for each slot on your character. Be on the lookout for Runners, Hunters, Harvesters, and Tank to be able to snag these items before the event is over!

A reminder for those that play Generation Zero offline: this event requires you to be online for our servers to activate the event in-game.

Alongside these spooky shenanigans, we’ll be running a “Most Scary Outfit” competition so make sure to check out our Social Channels as well as the Generation Zero forum for more on that!