Greetings, Survivors!

It’s November and we’re excited to talk about the Guerrilla Research Update, releasing tomorrow at 10am CET. As you might have seen on our Social Media channels, it contains Weapon Augmenting, new free cosmetics, a new cosmetic DLC, and some much needed fixes. Let’s get right into it!


We love to give you more ways to customize and adapt the way you play Generation Zero. Weapon Augmenting is a big step in that direction: it offers new challenges, reinforces and empowers your individual playstyle and diversifies the existing range of weapons more than ever before! Not to mention giving those of you who have been hoarding their resources something to spend them on.

Weapon Augmenting consists of two parts: Research and Crafting.
The Research is done in the new tab of the same name. It has you complete different gameplay challenges in order to unlock Augmentation Designs.

Each Design has 3 tiers (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) which become stronger as they progress, but of course the challenges required to unlock them also become harder to complete.

These Designs can then be applied to a weapon of 2-5 crowns rarity.

The application of these Designs happens at the Consumable Crafting Station, which is now split up into a Consumables part and an Augmenting part. This is how it works:

First, you select a weapon you would like to augment. Then, you select the Design you want to apply. The application costs an increasing amount of resources based on the quality of the Augmentation Design.

Note that overriding or removing an Augmentation does not refund any of the crafting materials used to apply it. However, upgrading to a higher tier of the same Design will subtract the cost of the previously equipped tier.

There are Primary and Support Augmentation Designs. 2 and 3 crown weapons can have a Primary Design applied to them, whereas 4 and 5 crown weapons can have one Primary and one Support Design.
We decided not to allow Experimental weapons to be augmented as they’re already quite strong and the interaction between an Experimental weapon’s innate effect and augments might lead to a lot of unexpected scenarios. It could still be something we want to consider in the future, but for now this feature will stay exclusive to the regular weapons.


After we released the first three Procedural Missions, we heard a lot of feedback about them from you. Mainly there are two things you thought could be improved: the length of the missions and the rewards.
For this iteration, we’ve added three new quests for you to complete on a weekly basis. They should now take you around 10 minutes to complete and we’ve tweaked the rewards you get from them to be more satisfying. 

Resistance Dead Drop
Find a cache of resources stashed by the Resistance and figure out a way inside.

Resistance Radio Maintenance
Perform repairs and maintenance on parts of the Resistance’s radio infrastructure.

High Value Target
Take out a high value Machine that’s roaming around a radio transponder.

We will continue to monitor your feedback around Procedural Missions and keep finding ways to make them more engaging, fun and challenging. Please let us know what you think about these new ones, especially compared to the previous three! We highly appreciate your input.


This cosmetic DLC was made to let you and your Companion mimic the menacing look of the enemy. The apocalypse is here, and this DLC offers a makeover to make you and Survivor’s best friend look the part with a wide range of weapon and companion cosmetics.

Machine-themed weapon skins: Made to stand out, these fresh appearances are based on the different Machine classes: FNIX, Prototype and Apocalypse (left to right).
What’s amazing about the FNIX and Apocalypse variant of these is that they’re emissive, meaning certain parts of them will glow in the dark! Here’s how that looks:

Companion Swag
On top of this, we’re happy to include a skin (which also glows!), Light Kit and Voice Box to make your Companion sound like they’re one of FNIX’ finest!
Get ready for a lean, green killing machine with the Apocalypse cosmetics for your steel buddy - they won’t know what hit’em.

Vocoder Voice Pack
Lastly, this pack includes another Voice Box for the Companion - the Vocoder kit. Think “space robots from your favorite 80’s scifi show”, that’s what it sounds like. Funky!
Listen to a preview

Get the Advanced Intelligence Cosmetics Pack from your chosen storefront:


For those of you who are still unsure about the cosmetics pack, no worries! We got you covered. With the Guerrilla Research Update, all of you will be able to loot 6 new weapon skins and one new Companion Voice Box!

The Resistance has found a way to express themselves and the chaos that they’re going through in these beautiful weapon looks. These skins will be added to the loot pool of the new Procedural missions, which you can expect to appear starting with the update.

Companion Voice Box: 56k
Inspired by 80s telecommunication sounds, this Voice Box is perfect for those missing the time when your mother had to hang up the phone if you wanted to download something from the internet. It will also be available from all suitable loot sources after the update.
Listen to a preview

Last but not least, the ability to mute the Companion has been added in the form of the “Disconnected Voice Box”. Simply choose the option in your Companion customization menu and your trusty friend will be a silent protector from now on.


As always, we have a slew of bug fixes and improvements that are also included in the update! Namely, we’ve made some performance enhancements and the game should now be running smoother. In future patches, we’re going to emphasize performance even more, so expect more of these changes coming soon.
The Kotenok finally displays the correct stats between the 4C and 5C variants. Machines have been made easier to loot and several quests have been updated to prevent mission blockers.
PC versions have received a significant change in performance when tabbed out of the game and multiple missing textures, terrain holes and missing collisions have been fixed.

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we did developing and testing it!

The Generation Zero Dev Team