Generation Zero - MAY UPDATE


The Resistance Update is landing in the world of Generation Zero. This one is big and has been a long time coming. Base building is finally here and with it comes some brand new features and challenges in Östertörn. The best part about all these? Everything except the Soviet Weapons Pack is included in the base game for all resistance fighters to enjoy. This update releases today, May 4th, for PC and PS4, and is slated to release later this month for Xbox players.

To kick off your first defense missions, you’ll have to find your way to the northern part of the Forest Region and complete the “Good News” mission that triggers upon entering the area. Once completed, you’ll have access to the Command Center. It’s here you will stand your ground against the incoming machine horde.

Once initiated, you’ll need to gear up, build-out and prepare for the incoming fight. We will leave it to you and your fellow fighters to discover and explore what’s at your disposal to defend your new home base, and there will be more additions to your (stationary) arsenals as the year progresses. 

Solid structures won't be the only way to defend your newly found command center. Every successful resistance evolves along with its enemies, even with its support equipment. Experimental weapons helped you get the upper hand, and experimental items could help you go on the offensive. With each successful defense of your base, you will find new consumable items to craft and explore. These range from alternative health packs, all the way to new ammo types.

Base building and new craftables are not the only additions to Generation Zero this month, as we’ve made extensive revamps to the forest region, adding more fun things to explore through environmental storytelling, as well as updating the challenge trees to include a new one related to base building. 

Lastly, the Soviet Weapons Pack is also incoming as a paid addition to the game. With this weapons cache, you’ll find: 

Kotenok Sniper Rifle - A reliable addition to your long-range loadouts
AT-WAD Assault Rifle - Built to surprise your enemies with silence, and rate of fire
RLG-7 Rocket Launcher - A powerful alternative to send highly explosive gifts to unsuspecting machines 

These will come with attachments, of course. You will have to find which combinations work best for your fighting style.

It’s finally time to Build, Prepare, and Fight Back! See you all in Östertörn.