Generation Zero - Recon Update


The Recon Update is here with some smaller additions and adjustments to the world of Östertörn! This one is intended to improve some of Generation Zero’s mid-game features and experiences.

We’ve also got quite a bit in store for the rest of this year, some of which was originally intended to be within this update, but due to the size and complexity of some of the new features and content, we had to move these forward from the Recon Update in favor of a more robust and meaningful release to follow. We’ll have more words on that in coming Dev Letters and other communications, but for now, let’s get to the core of what’s incoming for Generation Zero!

Crafting has been a post-release addition to the game, and has up to this point, received only periodic attention. This is the start of some adjustments to crafting, apparel, etc. that we believe will help create a more engaging, meaningful experience for players that enjoy this element of the Resistance!

  • Rivals now drop apparel schematics in a more functional way: quality levels will be dropped in sequence. For example, if you only have a Quality 2 schematic, the next drop of that type can only be a Quality 3 schematic, and so on. This was done to make the experience a bit more understandable for everyone, and subsequently, relieve a problem of having gaps in a schematic line which players could not use. 
  • The stat effects of apparel schematics are roughly double overall, but some might fall a little above or below that. This is dependent on how they “scale” into the overall experience for players, as some might have been too powerful/imbalanced.


For those of you that are enjoying raiding FNIX bases, we’ve also added 4 more control points to the Southcoast region!

As we continue to welcome new players to the world of Östertörn, we also continue to improve their first experience with the story. We’ve added more VO and world design elements to improve the next line of missions in the Archipelago region with the Vesslan Bunker Warboard Missions. These include: “Calling For Help,” “Over and Out,” “First Contact,” “Beachhead,” & “Another Castle”.

Players can now have a more anchoring and cohesive experience with these improvements, with a better understanding of the story as well as their surroundings. 


  • Quantity is now displayed in the HUD when picking up loot
  • Increased the damage per shot and decreased the fire rate for the Kotenok and S21 to make them feel more like DRMs
  • Increased damage per shot for the AT-WAD to compensate for the small magazine
  • The weapon wheel now displays used-up items as grayed out in the weapon wheel; picking up more of the “remembered” item will automatically place it in the previous slot
  • Bad luck modifiers added to experimental weapon loot; this means that the chance of getting them increase if you have not gotten one over a number of attempts
  • Credits screen is updated to reflect the current team composition
  • Vehicles now use the same movement input as walking; this means that they now will rebind as you rebind the walking keys