Greetings, Survivors!

Thank you for joining us as we round out the year with one more smaller release before we ramp up our efforts for what’s in store in 2024. Tomorrow, the Three-Wheeled Update arrives on all platforms. It brings a new vehicle, new customization and randomization options, a new seasonal event, and bug fixes. Here's what we have in store for you!


This traditional Swedish moped has been modified to feature a frontal flatbed supported by two smaller wheels. This allows for easy transportation of goods (or friends).

Topping out at 50km/h, the Flakmoped has quite some energy hiding in those tiny wheels! While one person is driving, another (or multiple) can get onto the flatbed and act as their protection detail.

Currently, equipment cannot be placed directly on the flatbed, that’s a functionality we want to add in a future update. However, there are ways around that limitation that lead to some hilarious behaviors and outcomes. We can’t wait until you find them all and post about them on social media! Don’t forget to tag us when you do.


This DLC brings additional functionality to the Flakmoped in the shape of three variants that are each specialized for a specific purpose.

The Utility Flakmoped has a full workbench installed on its flatbed, giving you access to your storage box, a recycling station, and a crafting station, all while on the move.
The Ramming Flakmoped features a reinforced frontal wall that functions as protection for your passengers and doubles as a battering ram to inflict maximum damage by running over machines.
The Off-Road Flakmoped has been augmented with an improved suspension system and better tires so you can ride at full speed - even in the thicket.

This DLC is available alongside the Three-Wheeled Update on the 12th of December at a price point of $6.99 or a regional equivalent. We can’t wait to see what crazy shenanigans you’ll get up to once you get your hands on these!


We are listening to all the feedback around Procedural Missions and how we can make them even more interesting, engaging, and rewarding. New location options have been added for the Resistance Dead Drop, Resistance Radio Maintenance, and High Value Target procedural missions. This means that there will be more variation in the way these missions play out when they are available. Please let us know how they play out for you and report any bugs you encounter on our forums.


We’ve heard lots of positive comments about the naming options for Companions, but we also know that there are a lot more names that you’d like us to add! In this iteration, we’ve added 23 new name parts:

Titles: Sister, Brother, Comrade, Reverend
Prefixes: Mad, Steel, Bullet, Scrap, Laser, Cuddle, Fuzz, Mecha, Robo
Suffixes: K47UR, 54MUR, K1M1, 54M50N, Guard, Pal, Bob, Killer, Sprocket, Bandit

Some of these were suggested by the community, some are Dev dogs’ names, and some are just cool in general. We hope you enjoy the new combinations!


Snow and frost have taken over Östertörn and it’s time to stick it to your friends - literally.
From the 16th until the 31st of December, you will find mounds of snow all over the map. You can use these to grab yourself some snowballs, which you can throw at your friends! Landing a hit will topple the other person over until they get back up. After getting up from a hit, you’ll be temporarily unaffected by snowballs and get a chance to return the favor! You can also throw snowballs at machines if you want, but it won't do anything and you'll probably regret it. But the option is there.

If you don’t want to get blindsided by your co-op partner while you’re fighting machines, don’t worry: You can turn on permanent snowball immunity in the game options.
Now go out and make sure to bring a change of clothes so you don’t catch a cold!