Introducing GPU Reshape


Today, we’d like to congratulate Miguel Petersen and AMD on the release of GPU Reshape, a shader instrumentation for everyone.

This announcement is the product of a longstanding collaboration between Miguel, AMD, and Avalanche Studios Group. In a (very technical) nutshell, GPU Reshape is a toolset that leverages on-the-fly instrumentation of GPU operations with instruction-level validation of potentially undefined behavior, supporting both DX12 and Vulkan. In other words, it brings powerful features typical of CPU tooling to the GPU, providing validation of dynamic behavior.

I want to congratulate Miguel on the release of GPU Reshape. Miguel started working on the project while here at Avalanche, and we were thrilled to be able to continue to support development even outside of the company. I’m particularly delighted that, with help from AMD, this kind of technology can be shared with the greater community for anyone to use. We pride ourselves on being a place of innovation, where ideas come to life and boundaries are pushed.

John Fuller – Chief Technology Officer at Avalanche Studios Group

GPU Reshape was developed by Miguel Petersen in collaboration with AMD and Avalanche Studios Group, initially as a proof-of-concept Vulkan layer at Avalanche, after which development continued externally.

To learn more about what GPU Reshape is capable of, check out Miguel’s blog on GPUOpen