Mad Max is the April Cover for Game Informer!


It’s been a while since we talked about Mad Max, so we could not be more excited to share today’s news with you. Mad Max is April’s cover story for Game Informer!

Game Informer will have a full month of coverage – interviews, impressions, new screenshots and much more. They spent several hours playing the game at our Stockholm studio and will have a lot to share.

With today’s cover reveal, we also announce the release date for Mad Max. It’s set to launch Sept. 1 in the Americas, Sept. 2 in Australia and New Zealand, Sept. 3 in Benelux and Sept. 4 in the rest of Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. For more information visit

There will be a lot of updates during the next month. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the news as it happens. For now, we’ll leave you with this coverage trailer of everything Game Informer has lined up.