Mississippi Acres Preserve Patch Notes

New Features

  • TruRACS is now enabled for the Lesser Kudu!
  • Inspect feature for mission items: The mission items that users pick up are now placed in the Mission Item Codex and can be inspected. These items can hold valuable information!


  • Made FPS improvements to boost performance;
    - Massive overhauls to animal update threading
    - Improvements to population distribution on reserves (WIP)
    - Increase LOD granularity across species needing LOD improvements
  • Made fur quality (shader) improvements for all animals;
  • Improved Feral Pig's model and textures;
  • Improved Black Bear’s model and textures;
  • Retouched visuals for water in lakes & rivers;
  • Did a visual overhaul for some of the input icons and buttons;
  • Updated feeding clue meshes for predators (nor more blood splatters)


Critical & Featured

  • Fixed the issue of various Weapon Packs and Parque Fernando DLC missing from Xbox players’ libraries;
  • Fixed the broken Fast travel issues across a number of reserves;
  • Dog collision with player’s character is fixed;

---  Animals & Environment

  • Radio towers across various reserves no longer defy gravity;
  • Animals will not become un-harvestable if there are too many corpses unclaimed;
  • Fixed the problem of EU rabbits not fleeing into their burrows as they should in Hirschfelden reserve;
  • Sounds will not persist anymore after walking through bushes;
  • Standardized fur rarity tier weighting for all species;
  • Did a naming pass on all fur variations, all should have string names now (not ‘common’);
  • The European Rabbits now run to their burrows when spooked;
  • Corpses are no longer unharvestable when there are a large number on the ground;

---  Weapons, Gear, & Character

  • Fixed the issue where Turkey callers were not included in Rancho Del Arroyo reserve;

---  User Interface & Multiplayer

  • Multiplayer - Fixed a crash that could occur when showing waypoints to another player;
  • Discovering a new need zone no longer causes the previously discovered need zone to disappear on Map UI;
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to input certain symbols and special characters into the Password field when creating an Avalanche Apex Connect™ account within the game;
  • APEX friends list is not displaying friends either online or offline;
  • EPIC players will not be able to play Steam player games if they do not have all the same DLC as the Steam host. This issue also affects Steam /GamePass players in both directions.