Modern Rifle Pack Release Notes

Updated: February 22

New Features

The Modern Rifle Pack paid DLC comes with three new weapons, each with two cosmetic variations: the ZARZA-15 .22LR, ZARZA-15 .223, and ZARZA-10 .308.

Celebrating theHunter: Call of the Wild’s fifth anniversary!

  • Everybody will now be able to unlock a free special anniversary edition of the Rhino 454: the SUNDBERG 454. Just head to the in-game store, press “Purchase”, and it’s all yours. Ammunition for this weapon has also been unlocked for all to use. It still costs in-game money to unlock, but no weapon score is required.
  • Replaced some existing loading screens with some gorgeous key art!


— Performance

  • Full rework of the animal home ranges, populations and schedules on Mississippi Acres Preserve, Vurhonga Savanna, Rancho Del Arroyo & Cuatro Colinas. This will boost the performance for users;

— Graphics & Visual Effects

  • Implemented FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) on PC platforms which can be adjusted in Settings> Graphics> AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0, improving frame rate performance. For more information about FSR, visit the AMD website.
  • Improved sample pattern for SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion), improving shadows in the game;
  • Improved the floating death animation for the Alligator;
  • Third person animation setup has been revamped and most of the animations are improved;

— Accessibility

  • New headline ‘Dog’ for dog related tutorial entries in Codex menu;
  • Scent eliminator HUD improvements including duration indicator;
  • Added Reticle to gameplay with different color variations. This helps aiming at objects for interactions, interacting with distant animal calls & spotting animals from a distance, and can help some players who experience motion sickness;
  • Added an option in Settings to adjust Subtitles font size;
  • Added option to remap Trophy Lodge inputs in Settings menu;

— Miscellaneous

  • Increased sensitivity of gamepad & mouse for all 1x magnification devices including Red dot, aluminum iron sight, reflex sight & all 1x scopes for relevant weapons;
  • 10 point-to-point transport sites have been implemented along the riverbank in Mississippi Acres Preserve. At present, they won’t be visible on the map but that is something we will be addressing a little later this year. Just look for the boats!


  • Full population resets will occur across Cuatro Colinas, Rancho del Arroyo, Mississippi Acres Preserve, and Vurhonga Savanna as a result of our optimization efforts. More information on this was mentioned above under Performance Improvements.
  • The male black bears have decided to spice things up a little and are now going by the following descriptors: Black > Dusty; Dark > Black; Dusty > Dark.
  • Updated the Medal icons designs on various screens;
  • Added swimming icon for animal clues that are underwater;
  • Geese cash rewards have been balanced to offset other fixes and harvest quantity.

Bug Fixes

--- Critical & Featured

  • Geese and Ducks will get attracted to callers;
  • Fixed LOD issues for the female Red Deer which caused some to appear invisible at varying distances until the character is within about 50m;
  • The Kullman .22H now provides a more appropriate bang for buck. The prices for the weapon and the ammo have also been slashed!

---  Animals & Environment

  • Common Raccoon is now Class 2 animal instead of Class 1;
  • Fixed an issue where disturbed vegetation was present near need zones only;
  • Fixed the instance where sometimes corpses seemed to float in air after being shot from a long distance;
  • The gates at Bingham Farms Mobile Home no longer levitate and fly around;

---  Weapons, Gear, & Character

  • Fixed the issue of First Aid Kit not healing when used;
  • Fixed an audio issue when switching between callers like Antler Rattler, Short Reed Canada Goose Caller;
  • Fixed the problem where item could not be switched until sound ended while using Deer Bleat Caller & Roe Deer Caller;
  • Fixed the issue of having infinite ammo if user kept firing while still in hip pose after running out of bullets;
  • Manual and auto chambering mechanics for the Mangiafico, .410 while loaded with the .410 birdshot, has been corrected;
  • The .270 Warden is now available for console players;
  • Arrows retrieved from the field return to the players storage instead of their inventory;

---  User Interface & Multiplayer

  • Fixed the issue with waypoints placement on Map on Ultrawide monitors;
  • Fixed the issue where Trophy lodge did not load for users other than the host in a MP session;
  • Fixed the incorrect icon for Dog biscuits on Inventory UI;
  • Updated & fixed Decoy icon not being displayed in the HUD;
  • Retrieved arrows will be available in the inventory now;
  • Cash amount will not show cut off in UI if the value has more than 6 digits;
  • Fixed the issue where multiple Turkey decoy POI markers were not being grouped together when placed very close to each other;
  • Fixed the problem of users not being able to hear each other’s callers audio for Red deer, Moose, Elk caller(s) during MP;
  • Fixed the issue of lures audio not working in MP;
  • Fixed the issue where Great ones appeared as Diamonds to users other than the host in Multiplayer session;
  • Geese caller will work for every player and not just the host in MP session;
  • Scrollbar will function properly for description of items in Mission items menu in Codex for Rancho del Arroyo reserve;

--- Miscellaneous

  • Fixed the issue of Tripod rotating sound being played while user is aiming sitting in tripod stand;
  • Multiple crash fixes;