Sundarpatan Nepal Hunting Reserve – Coming June 18


Brave the beauty and enjoy the thrill of the hunt among Nepal’s unique forces of nature. With three distinct climate regions, the stunning Sundarpatan Nepal Hunting Reserve delivers an experience like no other. Gear up and go in pursuit of 10 new animal species ranging from fierce predators to elusive small game. 

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In the spectacular Sundarpatan Nepal Hunting Reserve, beauty and exploration go hand in hand. But if you’re also excited by a challenge, then this is the hunting ground for you. 


  • Discover a remarkable array of wildlife. Don’t miss the likes of the rare and impressive barasingha and particularly the large tahr – known in these parts as the “Great One” – that are among the 13 species roaming these disparate lands. When in the lowlands, being on high alert is critical. Home to the Bengal tiger, its solitary and elusive character will push your survival skill set to its absolute limit.
  • Grab your opportunity to hunt where life exists at the edge. Hunt at altitude on snow-covered, rough open ridges in the mountain region, explore the iconic rhododendron forests of the mid-hills or brave the overgrown sal forests that bask in the tropical climate of the lowlands. The sheer scale of this location is guaranteed to challenge the most experienced of hunters. 
  • Sundarpatan provides the perfect opportunity for you to uncover the richness of the natural Nepali environment. Together with local experts and wardens, you’ll showcase your hunting expertise. Non-hunting mission objectives including agriculture, photography and repairs will also be part of supporting and developing the reserve.
  • Originally a breech-loading firearm in the late 19th Century, the Gandhare Rifle is a testament to Nepali innovation, both within the military and hunting realms. Call upon this handcrafted, high-caliber, single-shot rifle that symbolizes a major chapter in Nepal’s history when it’s most needed.

Sundarpatan Nepal Hunting Reserve will be released on PC and consoles for 11.99 USD / 11.79 EUR on June 18th. You can expect a special 20% launch discount on all platforms.


A new free update available for all players will arrive alongside Sundarpatan Reserve. Check out the highlights below and keep an eye out for the full patch notes release in the future.


  • Water Buffalo and Blackbucks models are getting remastered.
  • Two Nepal-inspired cosmetic items will become available for all players: Sundarpatan Rhododendron Paint and Sundarpatan Flowers Camo.
  • We’re going to reset populations for a range of species including Bobcats, Mexican Bobcats, Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears, and Black Bears, along with the already mentioned Water Buffalo and Blackbuck.
  • Pumas in Parque Fernando will adopt a more stealthy approach and stop making so many noises.
  • Multiple bug fixes and more!


Hunt or be Hunted

Keep an eye on our social channels this week to learn more about the majestic Bengal Tigers. Their unique stalking and ambush mechanics make them formidable and imposing predators in the world of Call of the Wild. 

The Hunting Lodge – Sundarpatan Edition

Pack your bags and join JaxyBeard for some special adventures in our new reserve. Tune in every Tuesday at 6pm CEST | 9am PDT on Twitch and YouTube. We can promise a safe passage through the tigers’ territory!