theHunter: Call of the Wild - High Caliber Weapon Pack out now!


Hello Hunters! 

The High Caliber Weapon Pack is available now on all platforms. Containing 3 powerful new weapons as well as 5 unique cosmetics, you can now take down the biggest game from even greater distances – in style! 

What’s included: 

  • Arzyna .300 Mag Tactical – The Arzyna .300 Mag Tactical offers stellar performance for both the hunter and marksman. Melding the flexibility of the AR platform with the long-range power of the .300 Magnum, it sets new standards in hunting and precision shooting.
  • .45-70 Jernberg Superior – The Jernberg Superior stands as the go-to pistol for sharpshooters and hunters alike thanks to its powerful single-shot, break-action design. Firing impressive .45-70 caliber rounds, and catering to custom needs with its adaptable scope mount, it’s more than a simple tool — it’s a testament to fine craftsmanship and precision.
  • Strandberg 10SA Executive – Whether you’re stalking prey in wetlands or participating in competitive shooting, the Strandberg 10GA Semi-Automatic Shotgun ensures unparalleled performance and reliability — every time.
  • 5 New Cosmetics: This pack also includes a sleek mix of exclusive Material and Camo cosmetics that can be applied to selected weaponry and gear in combination with other cosmetics in your inventory.


Also available today, amplify your aesthetic choices with the Emerald Coast Cosmetic Pack! This premium pack includes a collection of fresh new weapon paints, sprays, camos, materials, and a special premium wrap – all inspired by the stunning beauty of the Emerald Coast Australia reserve. Available on all platforms for $2.99.


We’ve partnered with Makeship to bring this silly little kangaroo from Emerald Coast to life 🦘 Adorned with brilliant red gloves and a fully accessible pocket on the front, it’s the perfect thing to add to your stuffed animal collection. Visit Makeship’s website for more information and secure your own Robbo the Roo plushie!


Join us today at 6pm CET / 1pm EDT for the exclusive release live stream with JaxyBeard and the designers behind the High Caliber Weapon Pack. We’ll be taking another look at our newest content and answering your questions. Join us on Twitch or YouTube.


And that’s not all! The latest free update for theHunter: Call of the Wild is also now available to all players. Let’s take a look at the details!

New Features, Improvements & Updates

  • We’ve speeded up the reloading animations for all Revolvers by adding Speedloaders to the game. Developer’s Note: This change affects all the Revolvers in the game which could utilize Speedloaders. This excludes the .45 Rolleston for obvious reasons 😉
  • Binoculars and Rangefinders can now be customized by applying cosmetic items to them.
  • FOCOSO 357 has been visually reworked from scratch.
  • Double-action revolvers now function realistically, cocking when aimed for single-action firing, but also allowing for rapid double-action shooting without waiting for the hammer to be cocked.Developer’s Note: The affected Revolvers are Rhino 454, Sundberg 454, and the Mangiafico 410 / 45 Colt on its 3 variations (Flat Black, Muertos, Polished Steel).
  • We’ve standardized our Animals Classes and in doing so we shifted some animals around to make the experience more consistent and predictable.

  • Due to the Animal Class changes, we’ve also updated general Class Icons too. Developer’s Note: We now have a new icon for Class 4 – Whitetail deer. The Class 4 Boar has been moved to Class 5. Wolf is now the new Class 6. The old icon for Class 6 Reindeer is no longer present.

  • We’ve updated the Black Bears, Brown Bears and Grizzlies drinking schedule. They will now look for water in the early morning, rather than the middle of the night.Developer’s Note: This time we opted to not reset the any bear populations, so only the bears that are spawned after the update will have the new drinking schedule. Existing bears will keep their old schedules.
  • PC Players can now use a new option in the multiplayer menu to show or hide Hosted Games that have no available spots by toggling Show Full Hosts button.
  • There is now a button for PC and PlayStation Players to manually refresh the Multiplayer Host list.
  • Players will now be informed of what knocked them out when respawning.
  • We’ve updated the weight for all the Tritium Sights: Before, these scopes weighed: 0.5 Now: 0. Developer’s Note: Now there is no excuse not to have your Tritium Sights in your pocket!
  • Ground blinds and bigger hunting structures can now hold 2 players in Multiplayer.
  • Store images for Binoculars and Rangefinder have been updated.
  • We’ve added a codex entry for Hide all animal clues.
  • An option to show/hide the button prompts has been added.Developer’s Note: It can be found under Settings > Interface > HUD.
  • “Spray” Customizable item from both the “New Year 2024” event and the “Lunar New Year 2024” event were originally missing. Users who claimed those Customization packs when they were available should have these Customization items automatically added to their available Customization items.  
  • 2 new Spray cosmetics will be available for players who claimed the New Year 2024 and Lunar New Year 2024 cosmetic packs during the events available in January and February.Developer’s Note: A pesky bug held back the sprays from unlocking before, but after patching up the game, they’re good to go. Players who claimed the New Year pack will now get access to New Year Sky Spray. Those who unlocked content from the Lunar New Year pack will get the Lunar New Year Paint Brush Spray

Happy hunting!