New England Mountains

theHunter: Call of the Wild - New England Mountains Reserve is Out Now


The time to explore the New England Mountains has come! The new reserve is out now on every platform, alongside the Granite Update – our biggest free update yet. Let’s dive in!

New England Mountains Reserve

Our latest reserve is set in the autumnal beauty of the New England Mountains – the perfect setting for relaxing yet exciting hunts.

Hunt in stunning surroundings:

The New England Mountains reserve features varied landscapes shaped by the passing of time, from open alpine regions to coniferous and mixed woodlands interspersed with lakes and rivers. When you are tired from stalking deer through the spruce or hunting waterfowl along the bends of the river, there is no shortage of perfect opportunities to sit back and take in the picturesque environment around you.

Wildlife, Great Ones, and refined classics:

On the uplands and through the trees of the New England Mountains, Hunters have a wealth of wildlife to hunt – from the humble Ring-necked Pheasant to the sneaky Coyote and the majestic Moose. Speaking of the Moose, this gentle giant is now present as one of the extremely rare Great Ones alongside the equally giant Black Bear and the graceful Whitetail Deer. Not only do the Moose and Whitetail Deer have the Great One status in common – along with the stunning Red Fox, they are also among the three beautifully refined animals, that now look better than ever.

New weapon, unique cosmetics:

Have it your way! Visit the Weapons Cache at any Outpost, and you will find a new weapon waiting for you. The Patriot is a powerful, modern 0.50 cal break-action muzzleloader made locally in New Hampshire. It is perfect for hunting large prey, but aim carefully – with great power comes… slow reload speed.

New England Mountains is available on all platforms, including:

Get it now and explore the wilds!

Happy hunting!