UK gender-blind parental leave policy


Achieving an equal, equitable, and sustainable work environment means chipping away at the building blocks that have, until now, been the norm. We aim to take big strides, break down the barriers that hold us back, and be a disruptive force for good in the industry. It’s this insatiable drive to create a healthier and happier generation of game-making individuals that has led us to today’s announcement of the new, gender-blind parental leave policy at our Liverpool office.

The gender-blind UK parental leave policy entails the following:

  • Equal benefits for all: Our policy now extends the same benefits and support to all parents, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. 
  • Flexible return-to-work plans: We understand that the transition back to work can be tough. From figuring out the logistics of childcare and working routines, to getting into a productive headspace – every parent has their own challenges and requires different support. This new policy outlines flexible return-to-work plans tailored to each Avalancher’s individual needs. 
  • Improved financials for those on leave: Because becoming a parent, for the first time or the 8th, deserves all the support we can give. As we’ve come to understand, this season’s stylish babygrows come with a steep price tag! Not to mention those other big-ticket necessities…

This enormous life event is well known for the stress it causes, and as employers, we have a unique opportunity to ease it. At Avalanche Studios Group, we can’t (and won’t!) help our employees change a diaper, but we can give them the time and space to learn. 

These policy updates help, not only by improving the offering for eligible Avalanchers, but also by establishing new and improved norms for the gaming industry. We’re shifting the goalpost to a more equal playing field – one with a reduced risk of discrimination, where everyone can make the decision to become a parent without worrying about damage to their careers. By making our UK parental leave policy gender-blind, Avalanche Studios Group is taking a significant step towards breaking down barriers and promoting gender equality in the gaming industry and the UK labor force at large.

Let's continue to push boundaries, challenge norms, and make a lasting impact!