Mad Max Savage Road Trailer!


Having shared the extended look at the gameplay of Mad Max, we want to dive deeper into the story and some of the characters of the Wasteland.

At the start of the game, as is so often the case for Max, he is simply trying to avoid contact with what passes for humanity in the Wasteland. He is searching for some sort of respite, whether it is in a real world place or somewhere in his head.

We start our story as he gets tangled up in a fight with a group of warboys. These are the zealous foot soldiers of the Wasteland Warlord and ruler of Gastown, Scabrous Scrotus. Stripped of his prized Interceptor, he is left for the Wasteland to chew up. However, he receives help from an unlikely companion, a Wasteland Blackfinger named Chumbucket, who realises that Max has ‘otherworldly skills’ as a driver and survivor. Chum’ convinces Max that together they can craft a mighty machine, which he calls Max’s Magnum Opus (meaning ‘Great Masterpiece’).

In the game, you will have much use of Chumbucket’s insider knowledge of the Wasteland and its inhabitants. As long as your paths are aligned, he will also be of great value in improving and weaponizing your Magnum Opus. He will even man the harpoon and repair your vehicle in battle when you need it.

Both Max and Chum are acutely aware that the car will require a powerful V8 engine if it is to survive in battle. In the video you will see that Max ventures into the heart of Gastown in order to compete in a race to the death. The prize — the V8 he so desperately needs. First he will have to face his enmity with Scrotus’ most feared henchman, Stank Gum, a despicable character who revels in spreading Scrotus’ terror in the most grotesque ways possible. The closer Max is driven to breaking point, the more he struggles with his sanity. (There’s a hint of that in the video, too!)

All footage in the trailer is in-engine, comprised of actual game play and in-game cinematics. Mad Max will be released on Sept.1, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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