We think of internships as an introduction to our World at Avalanche Studios Group, a foot in the door of the industry. Being part of our team, you get the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best minds in gaming, helping you to discover what your skills and passions are. Being an intern at Avalanche Studios Group is almost like being employed by us. As an intern, you work directly as a part of the development team. You are responsible for your own part of the game, and the tasks you get are based on your knowledge and background. All we ask is that you're passionate about our games and ambitious about what you can create. We will be there to guide you and help you grow.


We created internships for students who want to make an impact. Open to undergraduates, recent graduates, and final year Master's and MBA students, you can get involved in anything from the technical side of game creation to market analysis. You'll spend up to 6 months with us, gaining a deep understanding of our industry and learning from some of the best people in it.


We're always flattered when someone bases their Bachelor's or Master's thesis on Avalanche Studios Group. But what makes us really happy is having them work with us while completing it. You'll collaborate with some amazingly talented people, hone your knowledge in your chosen field, and be inspired to push your thinking to the next level.


At Avalanche Studios Group, we never stop learning. From each other, from our players, from success and failures. It's how we evolve and improve. And how you, just like every student who's worked with us, will do too.