Unsolicited Content Policy

Thank you for enjoying our games, products and other Content! Although we appreciate receiving feedback, comments and suggestions from our players, fans, and others, please note that Avalanche Studios Group, related companies and our employees (“Avalanche Studios Group”) is not able accept or consider unsolicited submissions of any kind (e.g. game or other product ideas, stories, screenplays, artwork, musical or audiovisual works, concepts or any other creative materials) in any format, by any means of transmission (“Unsolicited Content”).

We maintain this Unsolicited Content policy in order to avoid potential future misunderstandings if new games, products or services developed for or by Avalanche Studios Group might seem similar to ideas that you have submitted to Avalanche Studios Group. Please do not submit any Unsolicited Content to Avalanche Studios Group.

If you, regardless of the Unsolicited Content policy, do submit to us any Unsolicited Content, you acknowledge and agree that:

1. You have disclosed the Unsolicited Content to Avalanche Studios Group at your sole discretion; Avalanche Studios Group has not solicited the disclosure of the Unsolicited Content;

2. Such Unsolicited Content will not be treated as confidential nor proprietary and that Avalanche Studios Group shall not be liable for any use or disclosure of the Unsolicited Content or other materials (regardless of what you state in your accompanying message or otherwise);

3. Unsolicited Content may be used and exploited by Avalanche Studios Group without compensation to you or any third party;

4. By submitting Unsolicited Content you grant Avalanche Studios Group a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, fully-paid, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable (in whole or in part) worldwide right and license to use, exploit, reproduce, add on, modify, transmit, display and exhibit the Unsolicited Content in all media now known or hereinafter invented for any purpose and create derivative works based upon the Unsolicited Content;

5. Avalanche Studios Group will not have any obligations whatsoever concerning the Unsolicited Content, including but not limited to any obligations to return any materials or acknowledge receipt of any Unsolicited Content. Avalanche Studios Group may destroy or discard any materials or Unsolicited Content in its sole discretion; and

6. You are not submitting the Unsolicited Content for sale to Avalanche Studios Group and Avalanche Studios Group’s use of the Unsolicited Content is not conditioned on any kind of payment to you whatsoever.